May 3

Thank God for cold temps and red lights! What am I saying, drag racers don't talk like that but on this
day it holds true. At Action City Dragway in Terre Haute IN unseasonably cold and cloudy conditions
made the track a little tricky and I just wasn't there either. In the 2nd round, it was a good thing as the
tree came down I flinched on the button and went big time red. I was going to run it out but as I
neared the finish line I chattered the tires and lifted crossing the finish line at only 102 mph. Shortly
after, I looked up to see my competitor move around a little and all the sudden crossed into my lane
on 2 wheels hitting the sand and rolling onto his top. Fortunately, I had plenty of time to safely come
to a stop. The driver of the other car exited safely from the back window of his car, but the car itself
was in pretty bad shape.       
I love red lights.
Woe! Stop me, there I go again, slap me, lock me up, but don't let me say
that again.
May 4

When the car's on I'm not, when I'm on the car's not. Coles
County Dragway in Charleston IL couldn't have asked for any
better weather. Temperatures in the 60's, sunny with very little
wind who could complain, well we're drag racers we'll find
something. As for me, I'M ON, finally! The car is on and were
making good time passes . I won the first round with a .009
reaction time and pedalling the car big time to a 5.24 on a 5.14
dial in. The second round, I wasn't so fortunate I hit the bump
down button a little too many times going red by .010, if I
hadn't hit it, I would have had a perfect light. Honey go get me
the check book, time for a second round buy back. In the third
round, I had this all figured out, I was going to go out there &
cut a good light (not hitting the bump down button), run dead
on my dial and win the round, but the car had it's own agenda.
It knew I had a full week ahead of me with 2 car shows, my
father in-law Larry Davison's election and my computer work
so it decided to throw the rear-end, their goes any hope for any
sleep this week. Would anybody be mad if ask for some rain in
the middle of the week? If it doesn't rain, then I will see you
Wednesday at Terre Haute North High School for their car
show, Friday morning at the Memorial School in Paris IL for
their car show, Friday evening for Friday Fun Night at Action
City Dragway and Saturday at Action City Dragway for their
weekly bracket program. If you don't have anything to do,
come by and help.
Coles County Dragway
Charleston, IL
May 7-10

Goals are made and a plan comes together. After the past weekend with ill runs
and part breakage, our work was cut out for us. The week's schedule without
repairs, included 2 car shows and the next week's bracket race. After assessing
the damages, we had ripped all the teeth off the ring and pinion and hurt some
bearings, so I cleaned the car and reassembled it into show able condition and
headed to Terre Haute North High School for their 14th annual Motorsports car
show on Wednesday. After some morning showers, the show went on as
planned. The students and faculty had a number of different cars to check out,
including dirt and asphalt circle track cars, personal cars, go carts and drag
cars. Thursday, with the help of my dad, we finished the repairs to the race car
got it loaded and was ready for Friday's Race Day Show at Memorial Elementary
School in Paris, IL. Students from kindergarten through 2nd grade had a chance
to meet the drivers and owners, get autographs and pick up some picture cards.
All the kids had fun and the rain held off till the last group was ready to go in.

Saturday morning was beautiful with bright skies and nice temps, it made for
some good racing. Listen to this, I was on and the car was on guess what, this
was going to be a good day. With good reaction times, a deadly car and a couple
of lucky breaks the, Motorsports Unlimited, Lang's Body Shop
and Painting, Lidy Graphics, APT Powdercoat, Davison Service & Equip, Crow's
Hybrids, Mean Machine Dragster made it through a tough field of drivers
including John Blake, Cheryl Pounds, Sonny Cox Jr., Brian Brown, Tony Virgilio,
Cory Brenton and Jake Orman to take the Super Pro Win.
Super Pro Winner May 10th Action City Dragway
May 16-18

A win after a win? Are you kidding? It didn't happen this weekend but some day it will. The, Motorsports Unlimited, Lang's Body Shop and Painting, Lidy Graphics, APT
Powdercoat, Davison Service & Equip, Crow's Hybrids, Mean Machine Dragster started the
weekend testing at Action City Dragway making some good runs and feeling good about our
chances on Saturday. Oh, how things change in just a few hours. With consistent runs in the
upper teens and lower 20s, I definitely had a good car; but even though we stayed the night there,
my performances on the starting line proved I wasn't. My .001 red light in the first round and
crappy light in the 2nd round made for a very short day. So we packed up and headed to Coles
County Dragway.

We arrived at Coles in time for their US Army Street Car Night. If you haven't been to this, you need
to. It's a very relaxed atmosphere with any and all kinds of street vehicles running from 6:00 to     
10:00 pm. We set up camp and I proceeded to take over 100 pictures that are, upload to

Sunday looked good beautiful weather, a consistent car and I'm on. I had my work cut out for me
though. In the first round, I sneaked by Gary (Too Tall) Morris, second round, I edged out  a red
lighting Bob Wright and barely won the race against Doug Patrick who broke out by .001 after we
left the line with nearly identical reaction times. But in the 4th round, Craig Minor put a stop to all of
that after I gave it away at the starting line with an .007 red light. I guess I have to go back to work
this week, I didn't make enough money to consider myself a professional  bracket racer but maybe
next week LOL.  

See you next week at Coles County Dragway Friday, Saturday and Sunday and have a good
memorial weekend.
May 23-25

Here's the plan for the weekend. Go to Coles County Dragway on Friday for the US Army Street Car
Night, win Super Pro on Saturday and on Sunday win Super Pro and qualify and win the Quick 8.
Now thats what you call setting your goals high. With all that said, do you want to here what really
happened?  You might want to go get some tissues first.  If you don't think you can handle that, visit and check out some pictures of some cool cars.

Friday, rain. This gave me a chance to work on the motorhome, oh how I love to do that.

Saturday, we woke up to clear skies and headed to the track. I made some good time runs, running
in the mid to upper 5 teens at a little over 131 mph and with reaction times that were close.  In the first
round, I met up with Johnathan Jones and his cool little yellow Camaro, I beat him at the tree and
whacked the throttle at the finish line to take the win. The second round was Craig Minor and his
dragster, I got a little anxious and turned on that stinken red light. Good thing for second round buy
backs. In round number 3, I ran Billy Mason in his purple notch back Mustang. At the hit of the
trans-brake, I was in trouble and didn't know it till I neared the finish line. Knowing I wasn't going to
catch him, I turned him loose hoping for the best. Guess what, if we were playing heads or tails and I
picked heads the coin would turn up tails, so you know what happened from here, I was getting out
the grill. I don't like 2nd round buy backs now.

Sunday morning, we had cloudy skies and a pretty good head wind but surprisingly the car ran
good and we qualified 7th in the quick 8. As the day progressed, the skies got darker and the
weather outlook didn't look good. I pulled into the lanes for 1st round of Super Pro and got paired up
with Troy Salazar and his blown dragster. As the tree came down, I got a slight starting line
advantage and was able to carry that though to the finish line, backing into him with a narrow margin
of .004 of a second, winning that round.  As we pulled off the track, there were a few sprinkles that
turned into that 4 letter word, RAIN and the race was postponed till a later date. So I got the car
cleaned up and ready for next weekend and started the process of getting things ready for the
Chicago National and Divisional race that starts a little less than 2 weeks from now.

If it wasn't for rain, red lights, bad lights, bad runs and broken parts, we would all be winners!
Oh hell, who's kidding who we would still find a way to get our a$$'s kicked. Have fun and see you at
the track next weekend.
May 31-June 1

Busy, busy, busy getting things ready for Chicago, so I'm going to make this short. We had highs
and lows but all in all, it was a good weekend. We won the Quick 8 race beating Bill Roth in his
Mopar powered dragster. In Super Pro, we made it to the 3rd round getting beat by Zip Donnan in his
Chevy 2. Zip went on to kick some more butt getting a runner up finish for the night.

Sunday's big money was rained out in the 2nd round. In this race, we entered twice. We won 1st and
2nd round in our first class and in our second class, we won 1st round and was rained out before
we could run our 2nd round race. The purse was split and we headed home.

Our next adventure is the Chicago National and Divisional race.  If your going to be there, please
look me up and we can do some bench racing. By the forecast, there will be a lot of that going on. wins Coles County Dragway's
May 31st Quick 8 Race