June 7-10

The Torco Race Fuels Route 66 Nationals in Chicago didn't prove to
be one of my more out standing performances. Chicago, the windy
city, was an under statement. During Thursday's time runs, we had
wind gusts in the 20 mph range blowing across the track making it
nearly impossible to stay in the groove and temps in the 90's. Friday
morning, we woke up to tail winds and temps in the 70's. With this
change in weather, everyone was fast. My 8.83 on the 8.90 index
compared to my opponent's 8.86 and .000 perfect reaction time put
us in the spectator seats in the 1st round.
On the bright side of things, my nephew Corey, Melissa, Dylan, and I
got to see some good runs from the pro's and other sportsmen
We look forward to returning to Chicago next week to compete in the
Div 3 event.  
June 15-17

After last weeks disappointing weekend at the Chicago National
Event, we returned and made up for it with a 4th round finish at the
NHRA Div 3 Points meet. We made 2 qualifying runs on Friday and 1
on Saturday morning with the rest of the day open. Melissa, Dylan,
and I took a trip to Chicago's Navy Pier to enjoy the Children's
Museum. With temperatures in the upper 90's on Sunday, it made
racing very taxing physically and mentally, but I managed to do my
job on both ends of the track till the 4th round when I ran a 8.87 to
my opponents 8.90. My opponent, Troy Galbraith, went on to win the
race and take home the Wally (trophy).
A true friend and fan
Jerry Sandefer
Mid Michigan Motorplex
Stanton, MI
June 23-24

What a weekend ! Great weather and a hook'n track made for and
exciting race. My nephew, Corey and I made the 8 hour trek to Mid
Michigan on Friday only stopping a couple of times for gas and a
rest area walk. Saturday, we woke up to blue sky's and temps in the
70's. On our first run, we ran a 8.96 at 159 mph with a small change to
the throttle stop, we ran a 8.901 one thousands of a second from
perfect.  That run qualified us for the DRAW/RFC Super Comp
Shootout on Sat. afternoon. After runs of 8.928, 8.909, and 8.900 we
ended up winning the race.

Again Sunday, we woke up to beautiful weather and the car was on
the mark 1st round.  I went 8.906 and 2nd round 8.898. The third
round was a repeat of last weeks race with Troy Galbraith in the
other lane. With a slightly tardy light, my 8.900 wasn't enough to hold
him off. Troy went on to win the race again, 2 in a row. Good job Troy.

The divisional trail returns in mid July with 3 in a row  St. Louis, Indy
and Columbus. We look forward to going some rounds, kicking
some butt and seeing you there.
DRAW/RFC Super Comp Shootout Winner
Alton Delivery & Warehousing
Bonus Money Super Pro Winner
June 30

What a way to finish June. The Lang's Body Shop & Painting,
Davison's Service & Equipment, Garzolini Crow's Hybrid, APT
Powdercoat, Mean Machine Dragster traveled to Coles County
Dragway in Charleston, IL entering the Quick 8 race and the Alton
Delivering & Warehousing Super Pro Race. In the first session of the
Quick 8, we qualified on the bump spot with 5.23 but then got
bumped out in the last session that left us to concentrate on Super
Pro and that, we did. An consistent car and great reaction times
made hard work look easy, but it wasn't, with drivers like Bob Paul,
Pontiac Jack, Danielle Wallace, Chad Isley, Jason Bailey, Steve
Maxwell, and my final round opponent, Zip Donan. My job was
extremely hard. In the Quarter final round against Bailey, the margin
of victory was .0000 and in the final against Donan, it was .0001. This
is very tight racing.

I would like to congratulate Craig Minor for winning the Quick 8 race.