July 04-05

The PerformLink.net, Motorsports Unlimited, Lang's Body Shop and Painting, Lidy Graphics, APT
Powdercoat, Davison Service & Equip, Crow's Hybrids, Mean Machine Dragster is back at Coles
County Dragway hitting their bracket series again. On Friday night, we came up for the US Army
street legal night. My wife's daughter, Ashleigh, her boy friend and some of their friends came up
with their street cars and I helped them understand the tree and how things worked.  I even made a
couple of passes in Ashleigh's little car. After running a transbrake with a delay box, it showed I
was a little rusty when it came to foot brake racing but I still had fun anyway.

On Saturday, it was time to get down to business. After coming back from such an awesome
weekend at the Super Chevy race at O'Reilly Raceway Park in Indianapolis IN, the pressure was on
to repeat. We came close but couldn't wrap it up. This was the weekend for Bruce Johnson in his
green Chevy Berreta to kick the crap out of me. In the first round, I was .001 red against Bruce and
was headed to the buy back shack. In the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round, I was able to put out some
tough racers including Johnathan Jones, Tracey Parrot and the king rat himself Bob Paul. Guess
who was waiting for me in the Quarter final round? Bruce Johnson, and again he layed a package
on me sending me home crying. Twice in one night, he's beginning to be a pain in my a$$ LOL.
My 2nd round opponent, Johnathan Jones did make it to the final round on his buy back but only
came away with a runner up finish after getting beat by Craig Minor.
July 13

Another week at the famed 1/8th mile in Charleston IL and my performances were average at best, I
made it past the 1st round beating Steve Maxwell when his car made a wrong move on the starting
line and couldn't run his dial. In the 2nd, round I ran Randy Protz using my .518 reaction time to
push him out the back causing him to break-out on his run.  The 3rd round was a different story
Linda Woods from Cedar Hill, MO driving her beautiful rear engine dragster cut a perfect .500
reaction time and backing into me with a 5.087 on her 5.06 dial giving her the win light. My .525 light
and 5.229 on my 5.22 dial wasn't enough to hold her off, so I was done for the weekend.

Oh, by the way, my 2nd round opponent Randy Protz bought back and took it all the way to the
final for the win. I think I'm seeing a pattern here, you must get beat by me to make it to the final
round. Good Luck to all of you in the 2nd round.
July 19

Sometimes it's nice to get away from the track and recuperate. So when I was
contacted by Rachel Leslie from the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce to set
up a race car display for the Clabber Girl Brickyard BBQ Festival, I had to say
yes. This festival was part of the pre-race ceremonies for the Brickyard 400
NASCAR race held at the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway. For those of
you that don't know, the Clabber Girl Company is owned by the Hulman family,
owners of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. We had very short notice, but
managed to have a nice display with many spectators and race fans asking
questions and sitting in the race car. The Clabber Girl Brickyard BBQ Festival
was held in downtown Terre Haute, IN. They closed off part of 9th street in
front of newly renovated Clabber Girl building and a block off Cherry street in
front of the Hulman Center convention center. Other entertainment included
live bands, a car show, racing simulators, a rock wall, a kids area, corn hole
bean bag toss competition, and all of the BBQ a person could ask for.
July 26

Back at the track. The PerformLink.net, Motorsports Unlimited, Lang's Body Shop and Painting,
Lidy Graphics, APT Powdercoat, Davison Service & Equip, Crow's Hybrids, Mean Machine
Dragster. Hit the Coles County Dragway asphalt for Saturday's Quick 8 and Super Pro race and
after qualifying was over, we were only going to be running Super Pro. Coles had one of their
quickest fields ever and we could only make it to the 11th spot. We entered knowing we were at a
disadvantage but sometimes you get those lucky breaks that gets you in. In Super Pro, we could
only manage a 4th round finish eliminating some good drivers including Brad York, Keith Woods,
and Chad Berry on his motorcycle. In the 4th round, Alan McCool was able to get around me with
a slightly better reaction time, even though I ran dead on my dial 5.200 on a 5.20 dial to his 5.146 on
his 5.14 dial.

Sometimes, you need those races where you just go a few rounds to get to the races where you
can win the race. See you in August.
July 08