Sept 8-9

This was the weekend at Coles County Dragway for the National
Dragster Challenge and the $3500 to win Super Pro race. Dark skies and
rain prevented the National Dragster Challenge from running on
Saturday. Sunday morning didn't look good outside, but the weather
radar showed otherwise. The race was delayed for awhile, the skies
cleared off, they dried the track and the race was completed. As for
myself, if you don't like sad stories stop reading now. I see you're brave
at heart. In this race, you were able to enter your car twice with one
driver or four times with two drivers. I entered two classes, yellow and
red. After the first round, I was out in yellow and bought back into the
second round and won first round in red. Second round, I'm totally out in
the yellow class and won in red, maybe something's going to happen in
my red class, but in the third round as I left the starting line, the color of
my class was the same color of my light on the tree. I had a good car and
ran three 5.17's in a row in eliminations. It takes a good driver, car and
some luck to win these races and when you do it's sweet. That's what
keeps us coming back.

There is only one hero at the track and maybe next time that will be us.
Sept 15-16

What a weekend for a parade and car show. This was a Norman
Rockwell weekend in Marshall IL for the annual Marshall Fall Festival and
we were lucky enough to be apart of it. We started it off with the parade
on Saturday. Josh Riedle from Riedle Inc. pulled us through winding
streets of Marshall, waving at friends and spectators and throwing candy
to the kids who waited eagerly as we passed by. That evening, we
enjoyed an evening with my family listening to the great music
downtown at the pavilion.

Sunday was just as good. The annual car show has always been a great
success for us and gives our newest sponsors the benefit of being apart
of such a good program. At the end of the non-stop day, we had many
spectators and friends come by and view the race car and well over a
hundred kids came by to sit in it.  Many of these kids wouldn't get an
opportunity to be close to a race car let alone sit in one.  I enjoy seeing
their reactions and giving them this opportunity to sit in my car.

Again, I would like to thank all of our great sponsors without them this
wouldn't be possible Lang's Body Shop & Painting, Davison's Service &
Equipment, Mean Machine Race Cars, Garzolini's Crow's Hybrids, APT
Powdercoat, and our Marshall sponsors, Van Tarble & Sons, Marshall
Realty, Crossroads Realty, McKimmy Investments Services, Martin's IGA,
Riedle, Inc. and Neal Tire.
Sept 21

Downtown Terre Haute, IN was the site of the Terre Haute Street Fair.
There was great food, bands, booths, a children learning expo, and a car
show. We attended Friday's car show and from the time I unloaded the
race car to the time I put it away, I had a swarm of people gathering
around asking questions and sitting in the car. This was a huge
success, and at the end of it all, we left with a top 10 finisher plaque. At
the end of the night, one of the show directors, Rachel Leslie( bottom
left) had a chance to set in the car and get her picture taken.  
Terre Haute Street Fair
Car Show
Sept 22

We headed to Coles County Dragway on Saturday to participate in their
weekend bracket race. I wish I had a grand story to tell, but this was just an
average weekend. After two good time runs, we headed into eliminations.
Finishing in the 4th round, of course this was the round before the money.
This round was close, I went 509 on the tree to his 511, but I broke out by
.002 of a second a 5.168 on my 5.17 to his 4.976 on his 4.97. If this is any
consolation, he went on to win the race.
Sept 29-30

We're going rounds!
On Saturday after a couple of good time runs in the 5 teens, we headed into
eliminations eliminating Donnie Force, Steve Maxwell, and Craig Minor.
Shortly after my third round, there was a major oil down that halted most
competition for close to 4 hours. Once eliminations resumed, it was late, had
gotten a lot cooler and no one knew what to expect with the track. I made a
bold move in the 4th round and changed lanes to the right lane, a lane I
hadn't run since my first time run.  After the burnout, I felt that the starting
line was in great shape and figured I was dialed slow and was going to
knock some time off at the finish line. At the hit of the tree, I was .003 behind
my opponent, Brad Jones, and as we neared the finish line, I popped the
throttle and let him take the finish line. Bad move, Brad crossed the finish
line .009  ahead me and took the win. This is what kicks me in the butt, they
called the race due to it being too late and split the money between the
remaining competitors. Figures Round Before The Money, Again.

Sunday was another beautiful day at the races and we made it to the quarter
finals with only 5 cars left. In eliminations, we made it past some tough
drivers that include Doug Patrick, Steve Maxwell ( twice ) and David Tyree to
make it to the 5th round where I met up with the former owner, Dave
Wallace.  As the Transbrake released, Dave was ahead by .003  and let me go
at the finish line running a 5.449 on his 5.43 dial allowing me to breakout by
.002 with a 5.178 on my 5.18 dial. No hero moves in this round, I guess I just
wanted the finish line badly.

For those of you that have been waiting for us to be in Terre Haute, this is
your weekend.  Saturday, Oct 6  gates open at 9:00 time runs 10:00 to 1:00
and 1st round at 1:30.