June 18
The Mean Machine race team was invited to perform at the Cub
Scout Camp at Fairview Park in Casey IL with our race car and
simulator. This turned out to be an awesome day. There were 10
dens and each den came by in separate groups to experience the
race car and simulator. Every Cub Scout got 1 hit in the simulator.
The Scout with the best reaction time from each den came back at
the end of the day for a best reaction time run competition.
Scouts, parents and leaders cheered on their Den as each Den's
representative gave it their best to win the run competition. With
lightning fast reactions, Brady Brummer was our top qualifier and
eventual winner.
Cub Scout Qualifiers and Results
qualifying #                  Final result
Den 1    .133  Carson F          .187
Den 2    .107  Jake                  .139
Den 3    .102  Noah                 .098
Den 4    .136  James J           .531
Den 5    .126  Kainen             .132
Den 6    .112  Shane              .060
Den 7    .093  Mike R              .091
Den 8    
.035  Brady B           .053 # 1 Qual #1 Final
Den 9    .099  Daniel               .090
Den 10  .094  Keithfer           .128
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