Browns Auto Sale
Super Pro Bonus Money
Coles County Dragway Charleston, IL
June 30 2007
Coles County Dragway
Aug 11, 2007

Family, friends and sponsors joined in the celebration Saturday night
when The Lang's Body Shop & Painting, Davison's Service &
Equipment, Garzolini Crow's Hybrid, APT Powdercoat, Mean Machine
Dragster driven by Todd Stillwell won the Super Pro eliminator at Coles
County Dragway in Charleston, IL. Todd and Melissa were joined by
Todd's daughter, Savanah; in-laws, Larry and Pearl Davison; and good
friend, Jerry Sandefer and his son, Cody. This weekend at Coles County
was bonus money sponsored by Browns Auto Sales in Mattoon, IL.
Trying to Defend the bonus was family member Doug Brown in his
Chevy Vega by making it to the final. Doug made it tough for Todd with a  
.511 reaction and running a 6.227on his 6.21 dial but Todd's .504 reaction
and 5.232 on his 5.22 dial prevailed. As always, the racing was tough
beating some of Coles County's best including: Bob Paul, Zip Donnan,
Tony Suftin, Vic Seeley, Gary (Too Tall) Morse, Ryan Romine, and in the
final Doug Brown. Hot temps and high humidity didn't hamper the
consistency of the 436 ci small block Chevy. The dial in I put on it is what
it ran.  Good reaction times didn't hurt either.
Come join us next week as we return to Coles.
I hope they don't lock the gates on me.
Aug 11 2007
Coles County Dragway
Aug 18, 2007

Bitter-Sweet is the only way to explain the weekend at Coles.
After winning the week before, the pressure was on to repeat and we
gave it a good shot. You couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather
on a Saturday night in August. After a 1st round red light against Steve
Maxwell, we bought back into the 2nd round and began kicking some
butt. By the 5th round and 6 cars left, things were looking pretty good
but another red light prevailed. I wish this is where I finished the story
but shortly after the Trans Brake released the car bogged down and I
had to abort the run. Knowing we had 2 of our biggest weekends of the
year coming up in Bowling Green KY and the US Nationals in Indy, now
the thrash was on to find the problem. The track officials allowed me to
make another run, by this time I realized that it was in the transmission.
With less than a week, I have a lot of work to do. With a lot of luck and
sleepless days, we should be ready to go.
If you don't have anything to do come by and I will find something for
Aug 19, 2007

On Sunday, I tore the car apart and found that I trashed the converter.  
Since this was my only good one, I have to find someone to rebuild it or
buy another one.
Aug 20, 2007

Monday morning after I got off work, I called Coan Engineering and they
said they could help me, so I was off to Kokomo IN with 2 converters.
After waiting for them to cut them apart, we found I had 1 good one to
repair.  Maybe I found some luck, we'll see.
Aug 22, 2007

Good news, talked to Coan Engineering, my torque converter is done
and on it's way. The road to Bowling Green just got easier. My brother is
going and we're leaving as soon as my parts get here.
Aug 23-26

Thursday night, we pulled into Bowling Green, KY after close to 7 hours
of non-stop wall to wall traffic and rush hour in Louisville, KY.
Sometimes it's scarier to get to the track than going down the track. After
a couple hours of sleep and the drive down, we still have to put the
transmission in. Lance made some good time passes, then helped me
finish installing the trans. It's late and I'm ready for bed.

Friday morning, I get teched, registered, and ready for my first run. A new
torque converter and temps already close to 100 deg, who knows how to
set the throttle stop so I take my best stab at it and WOW 8.903 this get
me into the DRAW / RFC shootout. I take my 2nd time run and go into the
1st rd of the shootout, it wasn't pretty but I got the win anyhow. The 2nd
rd, I went red by.002 of a second. It's too hot to race anyway. If you
believe that one, you have another one coming. The temperature got to
104 today and the generator decides to act up and give us little to no air
conditioning. This is what we call fun?

Saturday, same thing Hot, Hot, Hot temps still around 104. Today's time
run was a little fast 8.874, but i feel confident about 1st round. At 7:05 in
the evening, I run 1st round now the temperature is 85, here we go with
the throttle stop again. At the release of the trans brake button, I was.004
to my opponents .005, as we reached the finish line it got really close,
.010 of a sec but my 8.898 was.002 of a sec too fast and he wins with a
8.907. I'm a spectator now and I don't make a good one. If we were
playing with hand grenades, I would have won but guess what? Not.

Sunday morning, I worked some more on the generator. It looks like UPS
next day service is going to love me again. Sunday afternoon, I'm on the
road to the US Nationals  in Indy.  I arrive late and get stacked for
Monday's entrance.
If this was easy, everyone would do it!!