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Cold weather didn't hold back the hot reaction times at this year's 51st KOI Auto Parts Cavalcade of Customs World of Wheels in
Cincinnati, OH. The Motorsports Unlimited Performance Parts, Davison Service, Mean Machine Race Cars, Lang's Body Shop &
Painting, APT Powder Coating, Garzolini Hybrids, Lidy Graphics and Edelbrock dragster and simulator were a huge hit with the
thousands of spectators and race fans. We set up 4 reaction time races in the simulator; 1 Friday race, 2 Saturday races and 1
Sunday race. Everyone who sat in the simulator got a chance at qualifying and you would have thought they were trying to get in
the field at the US Nationals. The bump spots were nearly unheard of with lots of lights in the double 0 range when a perfect light
is .000

On Friday, the lights weren't double 0's but the competition was still tough; Bob Likens from Dayton, OH was the number 1
qualifier with a .019 and went on to win the race beating Renwick Coley who qualified number 2 with a 028. Coley gave Likens a
good race in the final posting a .038 light, but Likens came back with an .022 for the win. Our other Qualifiers were #3 Raleigh .030,
#4 Jeff Patton .039, #5 Jeff Stillabower .056, #6 Jacob Smith .059, #7 Alvin James .070 and #8 Matt Schuh .076.  

Saturday's 3:00 race qualifying was pretty tight with .022 thousands of a seconds separating #1 from #8. One of the highlights of
eliminations was the first round match between father and son, Kenny Carson, Sr.  and Kenny Carson, Jr.  Kenny Sr. was up first
and was feeling pretty good about himself with his .013 light until Jr. stepped in the simulator and cranked off an .009 for the first
round win. The final round matched up 2 guys that were no strangers to each other both Jr dragster racers that have competed
against each other in the past. #3 Qualifier Kenny Carson, Jr., who qualified with a .024 lead the final round of eliminations with an   
.012 making it rather tough for #1 qualifier Harley Patrick, who qualified with an .017 to win that  round. As the tree lit, the 6 bright
yellow lights, the best Patrick could come up with was an .025 handing the win to an excited Kenny Carson, Jr. (
check out you tube
). The other qualifiers were #2 Chris T .022, #4 Isiac .034, #5 Earl .034, #6Kenny Carson Sr .034, #7 Matt .035 and #8 Nate .039

What can you say about Saturday's 9:00 qualifying and race, but totally outrageous. When qualifying was over, 6 thou separated
#1 from #8. You have to hand it to a bunch of racers to try and out do each other. As a competitor would get in the field, another
would be right there to try and bump out another till the end result was a bump spot of .006. If you think qualifying was tough,
eliminations wasn't for the weak hearted. The second round had one of the weekends 2 perfect reaction times when Michael who
qualified #7 with a .005 was running King Kenny Carson, Jr., who qualified with a .005 light.  Michael let go of the transbrake
switch and had a awesome .011 light but the King showed everyone he was there to play when after a flash of yellow and green
the display showed all zeros for a .000 perfect reaction time sending him to his second final round of the weekend soon after, the
crowd went wild. Waiting in the shadows was #5 qualifier, Walter who made the strong field with a .003. If that wasn't good
enough, Shade was .005 1st round and .008 in the 2nd round but his work was cut out for him in the final because Kenny Jr. was
there for the challenge after just posting a perfect light. Shade was up first and after a blur of lights an .008 flashed on the display.
King Kenny knew it was going to take an .007 to beat Shade's near perfect light. Kenny Jr. slowly staged and with the glow of the
tree and the release of the button, the crowd and Kenny waited what seemed to be eternity for his .019 reaction time that just
wasn't good enough for the win. Walter and his buddy's celebrated seeing the reaction time ending an exciting Saturday night
(check out you tube video) Other Qualifiers were #1 Curtis .001, #2 Jake .002, #3 Rick .002, #4 Harley Patrick .003 and Kenny Carson
Sr .006.

Sunday's 5:00 qualifying had our second perfect reaction time .000 from Christian and the race was just as exciting. Christian #1
qualifier advanced to the 2nd round using a .011 to meet up with Harley Patrick #5 qualifier (.016). Harley bolted out of the gate
with a 1 thou from perfect .001 reaction time. Christian new the pressure was on knowing only a perfect light could beat Patrick
but his .038 was no where close to winning that round, sending Harley to his 2nd final round of the weekend. On the other side of
the ladder was Larry Grigsby our #3 Qualifier (.002). Larry advanced to the final using consistency to his advantage recording
lights of .038 1st round and .033 in the 2nd round.  In the final, Larry was up first and the bright lights didn't hamper his
performance when he improved his light in the final to a .021. Harley knew he had his work cut out for him but that he had .020
thousands to work with and after the smoke cleared his .037 wasn't enough to give him the win. A very happy Larry Grigsby from
Huber Heights, OH emerged the victor on Sunday night. Other qualifiers include #2 Jake .002, #4 Brad .011, #6 Zach .027 #7 Jacob   
.043 and #8 James .047

I would like thank all who participated in the Drag Eliminator Simulator reaction time race.

These competitors weren't the only winners, the The Motorsports Unlimited Performance Parts, Davison Service, Mean Machine
Race Cars, Lang's Body Shop & Painting, APT Powder Coating, Garzolini Hybrids, Lidy Graphics and Edelbrock dragster won 1st
place in the Competition Dragster Class and took top honors winning the Outstanding Competition award competing against all
the competition classes.       
51st KOI Cavalcade of Customs World of Wheels
Cincinnati, OH  
reaction time winner
Bob Likens
Saturday's 3:00
reaction time and
perfect light winner
Kenny Carson, Jr
Saturday's 9:00
reaction time winner
Walter Shade
Reaction time winner
Larry Grigsby
Christian qualified with a
perfect reaction time for
Sunday's race